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Published March 7, 2024 | Last updated March 7, 2024

Nearly 600 participants, comprising 462 First Balfour employees and 136 dependents, joined the company’s first-ever pneumococcal vaccination drive last February 24. Organized by the Occupational Health (OH) team of First Balfour’s Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) Department, the vaccination was held simultaneously across its offices and project sites in Parañaque City, Quezon City, Batangas, Sorsogon, Leyte, Negros, and Davao.

(Left) Project Manager (PM) Danilo B. Escarlan takes his pneumococcal vaccine at the Head Office (Right) PM Honorato M. Dalawampu at our project site in Sorsogon

Dr. Rhyan Gallego, First Balfour’s Occupational Health Physician, shared that this is the very first time that the OH Team has rolled out a pneumococcal vaccine whereas flu vaccines are available for employees annually. “After the pandemic, we saw the rise of numerous COVID-19 variants, an influenza-like illness, and the most recent one called walking pneumonia. This is why we deemed this new vaccine necessary for the protection of our employees and their families from a bacterial infection that could cause serious illnesses,” shares Gallego.

The activity falls under OH’s annual vaccination drives and its much-wider PUSSHH campaign which includes programs highlighting Physical Activity, Unaltered Sleep, Smoking Cessation, Stress Coping and Resilience, Healthy Eating, and Hygiene and Sanitation. Gallego further shares that there is a whole lineup of health and wellness activities planned for the year, all underscoring one of First Balfour’s core values: Employee Welfare and Wellness.

(L-R): Ruben Ver Bombeta (CHO Medical Officer V), Dr. Rhyan Gallego (First Balfour OH Physician), Mehlani Morada (First Balfour Head Office OH Nurse), Teresita Sumawang (CHO Supply and Procurement Officer), and Erickson Ramos (First Balfour Government Relations Officer).

In a separate event, the OH Team also led the donation of medical supplies to the City Health Office of Parañaque City (CHO) on February 26. Since the company’s office relocation from Pasig City to the south in 2011, it has been actively involved in various social initiatives aimed at creating a positive impact on and nurturing strong relationships with the community.

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