At First Balfour, we remain driven and committed in bringing out the best in everyone by enhancing their skills and talents.

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With this integrated Talent Management System, we are able to support our business growth objectives while strengthening people’s abilities.

Skilled Workers

Apply your skills and expertise by taking on rewarding opportunities.


Hone your leadership and management skills by working on long-term projects.

New Graduates

Jumpstart your career with opportunities such as our Junior Management Trainee Program or through available entry-level positions.


Take on key First Balfour projects and assignments to utilize your extensive knowledge and capabilities.


What people say about us.


“I have experienced significant growth in First Balfour. This is primarily attributed to the extensive and complex projects that First Balfour is bidding on and working on. Moreover, the leaders at First Balfour are highly regarded for their exceptional abilities in mentoring and coaching, and fostering knowledge sharing is a common practice by everyone in the company.”

Joram San Luis
Business Development Officer

“Being part of the Palayan Binary Power Plant Connection Asset project makes me so proud. Our team’s collective skills and tireless efforts enabled us to achieve the mechanical completion ahead of schedule. This project is not only a testament to our technical prowess but also a significant step towards a regenerative future as it will soon deliver renewable energy to our communities.”

Renz Macaspac
Construction Manager

“I am both humbled and proud to be part of an organization with whom I share the same values. It brings me fulfillment as an HR to do my role as a practitioner and also contribute in helping grow communities and driving sustainability.”

Ronna Bautista
HR Manager - Organizational Development

“My team has been a great help in my engineering career. They have made it easier for me to absorb information and gain experience, which has contributed to my career development and helped me become more familiar with the business and company operations.”

Alex Lay
T1 Rentals Maintenance Quality Engineer

“During my four years at First Balfour, I have gained valuable training and hands-on experience in various roles, which has provided me with opportunities to collaborate closely with different teams and stakeholders within the organization. These experiences have fostered a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, for which I am grateful.”

Eddielyn Joy M. Apas
Planning Engineer

“I joined First Balfour as a management trainee, and my experience with the company has played a crucial role for the development of my architectural career. My mentors have guided and supported me to develop my knowledge and further hone my skills in different aspects of building construction.”

Justin Medina
Field Architect

“Every bid project and team that I am working with is an opportunity for me to learn something new. Being part of the tender team and bagging the Cebu 3rd Bridge – CCLEX is one of the project milestones to the company. I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, and all the hardships and challenges have paid off. I can proudly say that I am one of the people that made that historic bridge possible.”

Arlene Diaz
CSA Estimating Tender Manager

“The project of which I am most proud is the M3 Binary Project in Kidapawan City, Cotabato. Despite its difficulty, the First Balfour team and partners worked with dedication and cooperation to complete the project within the required timeframe.”

Techie Capoy

“Pouring in effort, going out of my comfort zone and loving what I do for the past few years made me grow professionally with First Balfour. Realizing my potential and enhancing my job performance, increasing job satisfaction, and achieving my career goals also comprise my growth in the company. Professional growth is a mindset of continual improvement.”

Lyn Guballa
Quality Systems Specialist/ Lead Auditor

“I feel incredibly grateful and happy to have joined First Balfour in 1991, where I have had the opportunity to lead groundbreaking projects in geothermal power plants, water infrastructures, and specialized buildings. The experience has been invaluable and allowed me to be exposed to a wide spectrum of engineering and construction projects.”

Tato Dalawampu
Project Manager

At First Balfour, we put culture into action.

Start your journey with us and enjoy opportunities for training, education, career growth, and more.

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