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Published January 31, 2024 | Last updated February 5, 2024

Quezon City—In a vibrant celebration of its 55th anniversary, First Balfour successfully hosted its first-ever fun run marking the beginning of a year filled with commemorative activities. The five-kilometer trail, set in the scenic La Mesa Nature Reserve, witnessed an enthusiastic participation of employees, partners, and their families and friends.

First Balfour employees doing the 55 hand gesture

The event saw 55 teams compete, each with five members. The rule was simple yet challenging: it required all teams to cross the finish line together, highlighting the importance of cooperation and teamwork. Divided into two categories—external or partners, and internal or employees—the competition fostered a friendly and spirited atmosphere. Emerging victorious as first and second fastest teams in the partners’ category was Team 34 (pictured below) and Team 31 from DMCI, while the all-women Team 55 from Energy Development Corporation (EDC) placed third.

DMCI’s Junn-Yeu Lock (second from right in photo above), who was waiting for his teammates at the finish line at the 25-minute mark, shared his enthusiasm with the event, “The run itself is a very nice experience. It’s even better that everyone showed up. The event was well organized and it’s a good initiative.

Furthermore, EDC’s Agua Patron (second from left in below photo) pointed out that it’s a good way to start the year. “Nowadays, we work from home or stay in the office so it’s seldom that we explore nature and exercise. We always look forward to these kinds of events,” she shared.

It all aligns. We’re taking care of ourselves, we’re also looking after the welfare of our employees, and we are promoting sustainability,” added First Balfour Managing Director for Commercial Operations Malcolm Lorimer whose Team 14 placed fourth in the employees’ category.

Placing first in the same category was Team 35 from the First Agua Joint Venture (pictured below), followed by Team 45 composed of Corporate Communications’ Kyra Dimaandal, and Team 47 from the BCCPP Project finishing third.

This trail run goes beyond being just a sporting event; it’s a symbol of First Balfour’s enduring values and its vision for a future where business, community, and nature coexist harmoniously. As the company embarks on its 55th year, this trail run sets a precedent for the company’s mision of a decarbonized and regenerative future.

As a company, we are dedicated to helping partners and communities that protect the environment. We chose La Mesa because this is the nearest forest reserve and would enable more to participate and be included. First Balfour has also been partnering with La Mesa for a number of years, where every year we are able to do tree planting as well,” shared Strategic Business Planning Head Vicente “Macky” de Lima II.

The successful conclusion of this inaugural event not only sets a high bar for the upcoming activities planned throughout the year but also reinforces First Balfour’s role in the protection of the environment and employee welfare. All 275 participants saw an energetic and safe experience, with all crossing the line with nothing but sweat and smiles. With the promise of more such engaging events, the 55th anniversary celebration of First Balfour is off to a healthy start.

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