Sustainable Habits: Going Beyond The Green Technologies

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Earlier back in 2015, First Balfour invested in LED lights that use less energy than conventional bulbs. A 50% average savings on lighting cost annually has been accounted for since its installation.

In November 2016, First Balfour also ventured in a bold move to invest in a solar power system installed in the Sucat Head Office. An initiative that yields 23% average savings on electricity consumption annually. Moreover, the approval of net metering that will enable the export of surplus solar energy to the public utility power grid will further boost First Balfour’s contribution to sustainability.

Additionally, the latest initiative to reduce energy consumption was installed last year. The new window films may seem invisible but its 57% solar energy blocking capacity was put to the test. With this new move, indoor heat and consequently aircon usage are expected to drop further.

First Balfour’s electricity consumption has been steadily decreasing largely due to these technologies. However, it is important to note that a number of everyday initiatives and habits have been instrumental in curbing electricity consumption.

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