Concrete Division Now Owns Computerized CBVs

First Balfour is now among the first companies in the Philippines to own fully-computerized Concrete Batching Vehicles (CBV). The two CBVs, supplied by the Italian company Fiori Group SpA, was acquired in September and will be used in the Masinloc Employee Housing Facility Project.

A CBV is a compact concrete mixer that can batch and mix concrete without a batching plant. It is equipped with its own water tank and a loading shovel that can scoop and weigh cement, sand, and gravel. It has a computerized control panel that can store concrete mix designs or recipes.

Using our CBV, the driver can batch, mix, and deliver up to 4 cubic meters of consistent high-quality concrete. In an 8-hour shift, one CBV can produce up to 100 cubic meters of concrete.

A CBV has a four-wheel drive and is equipped with wide large tread tires. When fully-loaded, it weighs only 17 tons. A fully-loaded 8-cubic meter transit mixer weighs 31 tons. Because a CBV is relatively light, it can operate even in moderately poor ground conditions.

“We purchased CBVs so we can supply our small and medium size projects outside Metro Manila where there are no nearby ready mix concrete suppliers,” said Concrete Division Manager Roberto Aledia. “With this tool, we can support a project even if its concrete requirement is not enough to pay for the setup and fixed costs of a complete batching plant.”