Burgos Transmission Line and Substation Team wins in the Lopez Achievement Awards 2014 Cycle

First Balfour’s nomination to the 2014 Cycle of the Lopez Achievement Awards (LAA), entitled Meeting A Critical Challenge: The First Balfour Overhead Transmission Line (OHTL) and Substation Project, won during the awarding ceremonies yesterday at ABS-CBN Studio 10.

The successful completion and delivery of two critical components of the Burgos Wind Project namely the 115KV Burgos-Laoag OHTL and Burgos Substation is another testimony to First Balfour’s capability to deliver on time, safely, and with quality.

For working together towards enabling the Lopez Group to become the first renewable energy project proponent to be certified under the feed-in-tariff system, First Balfour and Energy Development Corporation were also awarded a Special Recognition for Excellence in Synergy.