1st Townhall Discussion, A Success!

Department Heads, junior executives, and the leaders of the First Balfour Kilusan were invited to participate in the company’s first town hall meeting last 6 March 2015. Organized with the aim to achieve a higher level of employee engagement and empowerment, the town hall fostered a less formal environment where participants discussed their ideas, voiced their opinions, and asked questions about the organization.

Updates on the company’s corporate goals, target projects, safety milestones, new businesses, and human resources were reported by a young set of presenters – Levi Dy, Leslie Jacinto, Lace Ramos, Joram San Luis, and Ronnie Liu – who underwent the High Impact Presentation Workshop in December 2014.

To keep all employees in sync with business goals, the attendees were asked to cascade these company developments to their respective departments. The same town hall meeting will also be conducted before the company’s project teams in Batangas before the end of the month.